Puffed Rice Chips with Crab Salad



Toronto Star



INGREDIENTS: 1 cup grapeseed or canola oil 6 pieces Vietnamese rice paper 125 g crabmeat 2 tbsp Kewpie mayonnaise 1/4 cucumber (is this julienned, or sliced, or cubed, diced…) 2 pieces red radish, finely julienned 2 tbsp tobiko, red 1/4 yellow bell pepper, brunoise 1/4 bunch chives, finely sliced 6 leaves Bibb lettuce 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp buttermilk powder 1 tsp granulated onion powder 1 tsp granulated garlic powder 1 tbsp dried chives 1 tsp dried parsley 1 tsp citric acid 1 tsp salt 2 tsp sugar 1 tsp shiitake powder 1 tsp nutritional yeast powder DIRECTIONS: 1. In a medium-sized deep frying pan, add enough oil to shallow fry the rice paper. 2. Heat oil to 350°F, add rice paper and be prepared to flip several times to ensure even cooking. They take less than 5 seconds to crisp fully. 3. To prepare the crab salad: combine crabmeat, Kewpie mayonnaise, cucumber, radishes, tobiko, yellow bell peppers, chives, Bibb lettuce and salt. 4. Break each piece of rice paper into 3 pieces and place 1 tbsp of crab salad on each rice chip. To prepare the sour cream & onion powder: blend buttermilk powder, onion powder, garlic powder, chives, parsley, citric acid, salt, sugar, shiitake powder and nutritional yeast powder in a blender. Sprinkle spice blend on chips for additional flavouring or simply sprinkle chips with sea salt. (The sour cream & onion powder blend can also be used as a seasoning for many different foods, including vegetables, proteins, soft cheeses, eggs, meat and fish). Serve on a platter, alternating Bibb lettuce leaves 5. 6.